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Dr. Samy Farag is an award-winning composer, greatly admired internationally for creating exceptionally rich, traditional and avant-garde, Middle Eastern musical compositions. The most notable being "Jewel Of The Desert," which is featured in the movie "The Scorpion King" produced by Universal Pictures. In 2012 Dr Farag was elected to be a voting memeber of the Grammy's Award.

A native of Egypt living in Los Angeles, California, he is an immensely respected physician and founder of the Samy Farag MD Arthritis Clinic at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. A dedicated scholar who's many passions has brought him many loyal friends and a great deal of success in the arts and business. He has a strong flexible mind, one that is moved deeply by the logic, mystery and sensuality of music.

In 1984, Dr. Farag started Sphinx Records, Inc., in Hollywood, California, specializing in audio and video production of Middle Eastern music for singers, performing and visual artists. His reservoir of timeless musical compositions includes: traditional Egyptian, Middle Eastern, Belly Dance, World, and Modern dance music. He continues to be a leader in contemporary Egyptian dance music and inspires performing and visual artists around the world. Dr. Farag supports and encourages artistic excellence, the preservation of all cultural heritages, and access to the arts for all.

Dr. Farag’s Recent Releases
Dr. Farag’s newest original work is a music CD entitled “Classical Egyptian Belly Dancing Music” released in November 2008 in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

Dr. Farag’s Music in the Movies

  1. Music from the music CD "Jewel Of The Desert" was featured in the Universal Pictures movie “The Scorpion King.”
  2. Dr. Farag wrote one song for the movie "Spy Game."
  3. Featured in two TV HBO series: “Single in L.A.” and “Cosmetic E.R.”

Dr. Farag’s Award, Nominations and Celebrity Features:

  1. Dr. Farag was awarded the President’s Trophy for music he composed for the first Egyptian float for the 119th Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, on January 1st, 2008. (See www.sphinxrecords.com)
  2. IAMED* Award for: “Arabian Melodies,” “Bellyrobic,” “Dance Fever,” “Rakasni Ya Habibi,” “The Beat of the Night,” and “Balady Fantasy.” (See www.bellydance.org)
  3. Nominated for Best Belly Dance Music at the IAMED Awards for his music CD "Midnight Magic."
  4. Nagwa Fouad, a famous Egyptian dancer, performed to Dr. Farag’s music in the video “Baladi Thriller” featured on all Arabic TV stations and sold across the USA.

Dr. Farag’s Musical Compositions for Famous Singers:

  1. Dr. Farag wrote, Neksem EI-Amar, for Walid Tawfik, of Lebanon, which became the number one hit song all over the Arabic world, for the last five years.
  2. Other Famous Singers include: Maha Sabri, Jasmine EI Khayam, Mohamed Rushdi, Toni Hanna, Shadi EI Sayegh, Sabah, and Ahmed Doughan.

Dr. Farag’s Video Productions Featuring Famous Dancers (DVD) List:

  1. Nagwa Fouad in “Arabian Dance Fever”
  2. Suhaila Salimpour in “Arabian Melodies”
  3. Debbie Parks, Suhaila Salimpour, Sadia, and Suzanna Del Vecchio in “Bellyrobics”

Dr. Farag’s Belly Dance Video Productions (DVD) List:

  1. “Rakasni Ya Habibi”
  2. “The Beat Of The Night”
  3. “Arabian Melodies”
  4. “Arabian Dance Fever”
  5. “Balady Fantasy”
  6. “Dunia El Raks”
  7. “Walid Tewfik”
  8. “Sadakni Bahebak”
  9. “Fadi Loubnan in America”

Dr. Farag’s Egyptian and Middle Eastern Music (CD) List:

  1. Classical Egyptian Belly Dance Music
  2. Fatouma
  3. Jewel of the Desert
  4. Midnight Magic
  5. Beat of the night
  6. Dunia ElRaks
  7. Balady Fantasy
  8. Arabian Dance Fever
  9. Rakasni Ya Habibi
  10. Ya Amar
  11. Melodies from Cairo

* IAMED (International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance)

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